Which Vitamins Are Essential For Us Humans? Find Out Today

We need to find out which vitamins are essential for us humans in this day and age. It could be the solution to many health problems we may experience. Let's say we want to stay healthy and fit. Then we should find out which vitamins are essential for us humans. The list below briefly summarizes some of the vital vitamins that are important for us.

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Vitamin A or Beta Carotene

This vitamin is also known as a carotenoid. It is a carotenoid which means "golden" in Latin. It helps promote better vision, better hearing, and strong vision. It is also a powerful antioxidant which means it destroys free radicals. Free radicals can cause damage to our cells and our bodies.

Vitamin B Complex

This vitamin is known as a complex, meaning it is a combination of two other essential vitamins that help us absorb more iron and folic acid. It helps us recover from anemia, a weakening condition, and even prevents congenital disabilities. It helps us metabolize fats, synthesize proteins, and protect us from different viruses and bacteria that can harm us. Vitamin B Complex also helps prevent heart disease.

Vitamin C

This is one of the two vitamins we need to get rid of toxins in our bodies. Our body does not produce this vitamin naturally. However, we can get it from citrus fruits, broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes. However, too much vitamin C can be nasty for us because it speeds up our aging process. It is also essential for proper cell division.

Which Vitamins Are Essential For Us Humans? Find Out Today

Vitamin D

This vitamin is essential for strong bones and healthy teeth. However, too much of this vitamin can also lead to the weakening of the bones, resulting in broken bones and sickness. This vitamin helps us absorb calcium. It also protects us against cardiovascular diseases. However, too much vitamin D can cause cancer.

Vitamin E

This is an antioxidant that fights infections, promotes cell growth and repair and slows down the aging process. However, a lot of us do not get enough of this vitamin which makes us age faster. This vitamin is also linked to a lower risk of colon cancer.

Vitamin F

This helps us produce collagen, which is the main protein of our connective tissues. Collagen toughens our skin. Our bodies need it to help us produce and maintain new cells in the skin, bones, and organs. It also helps us keep youthful-looking skin.

All these vitamins are essential for us to survive and stay healthy. However, if we do not take enough of these nutrients, we will feel lethargic and suffer from various kinds of health disorders. If we start lacking any of these, we might develop bone diseases, weak muscles, and even cancer. Hence, it is imperative to take the right amount of these nutrients for us to remain energetic and active. If we do not take enough of these vitamins, we might develop many diseases, and our lives will become dull.

Which Vitamins Are Essential For Us Humans? Find Out Today

Vitamin A

It is an antioxidant that helps prevent harmful free radicals from attacking our body cells. Free radicals are particles that might cause damage to our DNA if left uncontrolled. They might even cause fatal diseases like heart disease. This vitamin helps us maintain a healthy immune system and prevents many kinds of conditions which might affect us in the future.

Vitamin E

It helps us produce energy from light. This vitamin is found in fruits and green leafy vegetables. It also helps us produce energy from the sun's energy. If the level of this nutrient is low in our body, then we feel lethargic and cannot perform our daily activities properly.

Vitamin K

This vitamin is known as "the blood healer". It helps us maintain a good bone density and maintains the proper functioning of our immune system. It also helps us maintain an excellent reproductive system by supporting the reproduction process. Which vitamins are essential for us humans?

Vitamin D

This vitamin is found in fatty fish, some fortified dairy products, and seafood. It helps protect our body cells from various kinds of diseases. So these are the five significant vitamins that are essential for us humans.