Understanding Addictions

You will eventually succumb to addictions, and your life will be forever changed. Once you reach the bottom, you will realize that you need outside help to get your life back on track. You can have devastating effects on your life from many addictions.

Understanding Addictions

Recovery from addictions and other forms of addiction requires that you seek out help from someone else. Talking to your doctor or an addiction counselor may be good to start. This is a great place to begin, as it will allow you to examine both your emotional and physical behaviors in relation to your addictions. You and your doctor - will have to determine what works best for you to stop using the drug. All addictions need the same professional support and help, so it doesn't matter which type you have.

There are many types of addictions you might not be aware of. These addictions are:

* alcohol abuse

* Opiates

* Food addiction

* marijuana abuse

* Relationship addictions

* Sex addictions

* Gambling addiction

Many people are addicted to drugs and other substances. Many substances can lead to addiction. Some substances are more addictive than others. Drugs like heroin, for example, are addictive enough that it takes only one to two doses before someone becomes addicted.

Someone who is dependent on cocaine feels that they cannot live without it. Addiction can take many forms: it could be psychological, physical, or both.

A person is considered to be physically addicted to a substance if they have developed a physical dependence on it.

A person can develop a tolerance over time to a substance. They may need more of it to get the same effects. If an addict is addicted to a substance, they might experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can mimic the flu and include shakes, diarrhea, and weakness.

Believe in Recovery!

Recovery is commonly referred to as freedom from addictions. While there are temporary ways to get out of addiction, there are only two permanent solutions.

The best way - to overcome addiction is to practice abstinence. You must stop using the drug you choose so that you can no longer feed your addictions. This means that an alcoholic cannot have another drink and that a gambling addict cannot go back to a place that offers any kind of gambling activity.

However, this abstinence method won't work for food addictions because you can't stop eating. It is easy to want to quit your addictions, but it is often very difficult to keep abstaining. Many addicts believe they can keep their addictions going but that they should only be able to use the drug in moderate amounts. This is a wishful and unrealistic dream for most addicts. For most addicts, full recovery will require a lifetime of abstinence.

Addicts who are able to control their addictions by using a moderate amount of the drug they choose can achieve the realistic goal of ending their addictions permanently. These addictions can include shopping and food addictions as well as sexual addictions. Before their addictions become more severe, the addict must decide how much moderation is necessary. This is how you can recover from addictions.