Top 5 songs from the 2000s

After tackling the quality songs of all time (or at the least of the 20th century), Rolling Stone Magazine determined to pay homage to the ultimate decade via way of means of deciding on its one hundred quality songs. A pinnacle Beatles and Rolling Stones free.

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Here are the top 5 songs from the 2000s :

1. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (2006)

Rapper Cee-Lo and manufacturer Danger Mouse gave us in 006 one of all the most significant pop thrills of our time. Everyone loves this song; all groups/artists have attempted to take it up - with various success ranges. In simply three minutes, Gnarls Barkley delivered us together, for a summer, withinside the identical kingdom below the aegis of a fab track.

2. Jay-Z - 99 problems (2004)

for 10 years, Jay-Z has had success after success, until his Black Album, then announced as his last. He reached the peak of his art there, mixing a piece of Ice-T with electric guitars for this track, for a result that was simply brilliant.

3.Beyonce - Crazy in love (2003)

Destiny's Child's first solo single, this song will consecrate her as the new queen of pop. Hailed by the critics, adored by the fans, the title will settle at the top of the American Billboard Hot 100 all summer.

4. The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (2002)

Rolling Stone manifestly couldn't omit the Seven Nation Army phenomenon. A tune that we've heard an excessive amount of during the last ten years; however, that's although brilliant (at the least whilst it isn't always interpreted via way of means of footballers packed with beer)

5. All I Need - Radiohead (2009)

Six weeks after the start of Radiohead's US tour, the band performed a brand new song at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago. "This is something we wrote recently," Thom Yorke explained to the crowd. It was a relatively successful song since the version on the album released a year later has not changed much, even if it is made of several recordings. "We did this deliberately so that we had a series of disembodiments when we put the takes together," Yorke said. For example, "All I Need" was the result of four different versions. We collected the best passages ". The song has been performed regularly during the In Rainbows tour. However, it became rarer during the 2012 tour titled King of Limbs, during which it was performed only four times.