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Top 5 FIFA Games

Who doesn’t love to place football (soccer) video games? FIFA to PES, football video games are played worldwide by football nerds, football lovers and addicts, and professional footballers. Ousmane Dembele’s manager mode viral video, Kun Aguero’s twitch streams, and lots more prove the point that footballers not only like to play in real but in virtual reality too.

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There have been a lot of good football games over the years. Who will be the cover star of the next FIFA? Who will be the highest-rated player? Will Barcelona be the best team in the game in the next FIFA too? These are some common questions that brew in every fans’ head each season. Ofcourse there are some good football games other than FIFA like PES and… PES only. FIFA and PES are true rivals, but FIFA has the edge over PES when it comes to Licensed teams.

Enough of the comparison, now let’s take a look at the five best FIFA games according to me.


FIFA 07 was the most anticipated FIFA game ever. Messi and Ronaldo were not that highly rated back then, but that didn’t matter. The game was the first FIFA game that introduced us to the new-gen graphics. The players had expressions on their faces, the pitch had grass, the gameplay was awesome too.

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There were some glitches and bugs, but the good in it overshadowed the bad. This game was the first FIFA game that I played, so I have many emotions connected with this game. This game surely makes it spot in my top 5 FIFA games list with all the reasons above.