Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in China

Are you planning to travel along the Trans-Siberian Highway to China? Don't end your trip to Beijing; China is a country full of unique attractions. Meet my subjective list: 10 most beautiful cities in China that you must see!

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1. the greatest cities in China | Nanjing (Chinese 南京)

the greatest cities in China | Nanjing (Chinese 南京)

The beautiful, ancient capital of China, Nanjing, is picturesquely situated on the Yangtze River. Although today Nanjing is an economic and technological tiger, it attracts tourists primarily with its great history. You must see the Confucius Temple, dynastic necropolises, and mausoleums: Emperor Zsu Yuanzhang and the father of modern China - Sun Jat-Sen.

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2. the greatest cities in China | Kaifeng (Chinese 开封)

the greatest cities in China | Kaifeng (Chinese 开封)

It used to be the capital of as many as 7 dynasties! The city located on Huang He is the most famous center of calligraphy. Besides, fantastic flower festivals are held here every year - an excellent opportunity to see dozens of plants that are hard to find in Europe. The most beautiful monument in Kaifeng is the Iron Pagoda, built in the 11th century during the Song Dynasty. If you are here, be sure to try the local cuisine as well!

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3. the greatest cities in China | Xi'an (Chinese 西安)

the greatest cities in China |Xi'an (Chinese 西安)

This city cannot be missed while you are in China. It comes from the heyday of one of the world's oldest civilizations. This is where the Silk Road ended and began. The biggest attractions of Xi'an are, of course, the Terracotta Army, the city walls, the Drum Tower and the Bell Tower, numerous museums and tombs of the emperors. It is also worth visiting the opera - unique and at the same time representative for this region of China.

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4. the greatest cities in China | Shanghai (Chinese 上海)

the greatest cities in China | Shanghai (Chinese 上海)

Today it is associated primarily as an economic tiger. But this largest metropolis in China hides a beautiful old city behind high walls. Tourists can stroll among ancient gardens and temples and admire colorful lanterns flickering with thousands of lights.

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5. the greatest cities in China | Daxu (Chinese 大 墟 古镇)

the greatest cities in China | Daxu (Chinese 大 墟 古镇)

Until recently, the ancient city of Daxu was out of the way of the tourist world, overshadowed by the beautiful Guilin. Daxu means "great market" and indeed was one of the country's largest trading cities in the Song Dynasty world. Currently, it attracts tourists interested in the history of China, charming wooden architecture along the Li River, and those eager for beautiful views. The city is less than 20 km from Guilin. It is impossible to miss it.

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6. the greatest cities in China | Beijing (Chinese 北京)

the greatest cities in China | Beijing (Chinese 北京)

Of course, the list does include the capital of China - one of the largest ancient cities in the world. There are tons of attractions to visit - there's not always time to see them all in one go, but it's worth a try. There are cultural treasures such as the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, and - of course - the Great Wall of China. What's more, running fans can participate in a fantastic marathon on the Great Wall of China!

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7. the greatest cities in China | Luoyang (Chinese 洛阳)

the greatest cities in China | Luoyang (Chinese 洛阳)

Here, the first Buddhist temple in China was built - the Temple of the White Horse. There are also impressive, bizarre Grottoes of the Ten Buddhas - a temple with carved reliefs in the rocks. The city is also a haven for archaeologists, especially the Luoyang Museum located here.

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8. the greatest cities in China | Fenghuang (Chinese 鳳凰)

the greatest cities in China | Fenghuang (Chinese 鳳凰)

Fenghuang is often called the most beautiful city in China. It is a real gem! Picturesquely situated between the Tianmen Mountains, the city hides well-preserved ancient architecture from the Ming and Qing dynasties. A boat trip is an excellent idea for sightseeing. If you are in Fenghuang, be sure also to go mountain climbing in Tianmen. There you can see the highest cave in the world - the Gate to Heaven.

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9. the greatest cities in China | Guilin (Chinese桂林)

the greatest cities in China | Guilin (Chinese桂林)

And now it's time for the most stunning ancient city in China. The first records of settlement in Guilin date them to 314 BC! Located in the Li River valley, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. And not only because of the monuments and ancient architecture, but also incredible natural landscapes. If you are also planning a visit to nearby Dax, be sure to go on a cruise along the Li River Valley - one of the most beautiful routes in the world. The landscapes that you can see there… it is impossible to describe. No photos, even from the best camera, can convey the beauty of the local landscape. You just have to see it. For once in a lifetime!

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10. the greatest cities in China | Chengdu (Chinese 成都市)

the greatest cities in China | Chengdu (Chinese 成都市)

Chengdu is a city-sub province of southwest China, in the Minjiang River Valley, the administrative center of Sichuan Province. Population - 14,427,500 people. The emblem of the city - the ancient gold plate "Golden Sun Bird", which was found in 2001 during Jinsha culture excavations in the city.

Chengdu is an important center of economy, trade, finance, science, technology, and transport and communication. Chengdu has become an important center for China's new urbanization.

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