Remove Hurdles And Obstacles By Performing Rahu Ketu Puja

Is there a kaal sarpa yoga in your natal birth chart? Are you facing hurdles and obstacles on end? When you are about to do a good thing in your life, you are not able to do it properly. Have you thought about why you are never able to finish a task? The only reason is that you are suffering from kaal sarpa dosh which is about a faulty planetary position of rahu and ketu in your birth chart. You will not be able to lead a happy life if you do not perform puja to Rahu and Ketu. You will face monetary losses, unhappy married life and health issues. It is essential to please rahu and ketu by performing puja at thirupampuram temple.

Note About Rahu And Ketu Puja

As per astrologers, if the moon is in the eight house in the birth chart, then kaal sarpa yoga is formed which makes a person suffer from health ailments, financial loss and many other problems. You would need an experienced astrologer who can study the positions of planets in your natal birth chart. The dosha can be cured by offering puja to rahu and ketu.

It is believed by the astrologers that kaal sarpa yoga can be formed in many ways. In order to lessen the ill effects of rahu ketu dosha, puja is offered to rahu and ketu. Countless devotees flock to thirupampuram temple to perform puja and to get desired results from puja. If you are suffering from marital discord, problems in jobs and other long-standing problems, then you should perform rahu ketu puja to get ascertained results. By doing the puja, you will be able to neutralize the malefic effects of the rahu ketu planets. You will be surrounded by positivity when you offer puja to rahu ketu.

Perform Rahu Ketu Shanti Puja

At thirupampuram rahu kethu temple, Rahu kethu shanti puja can be performed. This puja will remove hurdles that are coming your way caused by rahu ketu planets. If rahu ketu planets are in a good position in your horoscope, then you will be blessed with Raj Yoga and also be bestowed with good health, wealth and prosperity. If the planets are in the wrong position in your birth chart, then there will be delay in child birth and your personal and professional growth will be hampered. Numerous devotees benefited from rahu ketu puja. Before performing puja, you should know thirupampuram temple timings which will help you do puja with ease.

Remove Doshas By Performing Navagraha Puja

In the temple, various Havans are done to surmount obstacles faced by people due to rahu ketu dosha. Navagraha puja is also done in the rahu kethu temple. The priests are well trained in performing all types of pujas. If you cannot go to a temple to offer puja to rahu ketu, then the priests can perform puja on your behalf and will send you prasadam at your place. You just have to pay the amount online.

Keep all problems away by performing puja to rahu ketu planets in the renowned temple.