Ranking Top 5 Best FIFA Games Of All Time

Who doesn’t love to place football (soccer) video games? FIFA to PES, football video games are played worldwide by football nerds, football lovers and addicts, and professional footballers. Ousmane Dembele’s manager mode viral video, Kun Aguero’s twitch streams, and lots more prove the point that footballers not only like to play in real but in virtual reality too.

Audible Article | Ranking Top 5 Best FIFA Games Ever

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There have been a lot of good football games over the years. Who will be the cover star of the next

FIFA? Who will be the highest-rated player? Will Barcelona be the best team in the game in the next FIFA too? These are some common questions that brew in every fans’ head each season. Of course, there are some good football games other than FIFA like PES and… PES only. FIFA and PES are true rivals, but FIFA has the edge over PES when it comes to Licensed teams.

How many FIFA Games are there?

Are 30 FIFA Games in the Series:


2.1.1 FIFA International Soccer | 2.1.2 FIFA 95 | 2.1.3 FIFA 96 | 2.1.4 FIFA 97 | 2.1.5 FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 | 2.1.6 FIFA 99 | 2.1.7 FIFA 2000


2.2.1 FIFA 2001 | 2.2.2 FIFA Football 2002 | 2.2.3 FIFA Football 2003 | 2.2.4 FIFA Football 2004 | 2.2.5 FIFA Football 2005 | 2.2.6 FIFA 06 | 2.2.7 FIFA 07 | 2.2.8 FIFA 08 | 2.2.9 FIFA 09


2.3.1 FIFA 10 | 2.3.2 FIFA 11 | 2.3.3 FIFA 12 | 2.3.4 FIFA 13 | 2.3.5 FIFA 14 | 2.3.6 FIFA 15 | 2.3.7 FIFA 16 | 2.3.8 FIFA 17 | 2.3.9 FIFA Mobile | 2.3.10 FIFA 18 | 2.3.11 FIFA 19


2.4.1 FIFA 20 | 2.4.2 FIFA 21 | 2.4.3 FIFA 22

Source: Wikipedia

Enough of the comparison, now let’s take a look at the five best FIFA games according to me.

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#5 Ranking Top 5 Best FIFA Games Of All Time

FIFA 07 was the most anticipated FIFA game ever. Messi and Ronaldo were not that highly rated back then, but that didn’t matter. The game was the first FIFA game that introduced us to the new-gen graphics. The players had expressions on their faces, the pitch had grass, the gameplay was awesome too.

There were some glitches and bugs, but the good in it overshadowed the bad. This game was the first FIFA game that I played, so I have many emotions connected with this game. This game surely makes it a spot in my top 5 FIFA games list with all the reasons above.

FIFA 07 Review

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#4 Ranking Top Best FIFA Games Of All Time

Known as the best FIFA game ever, FIFA 14 takes 4th place in my top 5 FIFA games list. Yes, the fourth place, not the first. Before you judge my ranking, have a look at the reasons. The game was too good and had the World Cup mode too. The cover star was my favorite player of all time, Leo Messi. The one thing missing was the Champions League, which was not added in FIFA games until FIFA 19.

FIFA 14 Review

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#3 Ranking Top 5 Best FIFA Games Of All Time

FIFA 15 is known for the Ultimate team mode. Fifa 14 had this mode, but FIFA 15 was the game when this mode started to make a name for itself. Players started spending money on packs and fut drafts. Many youtube channels came up like W2S, Chris MD, and others.

Leo Messi was the cover star of this game too. The game was highly anticipated and liked worldwide, but it still had that one thing missing, the Champions League.

FIFA 15 Review

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#2 Ranking Top Best FIFA Games Of All Time

FIFA 19 is my personal favorite. Yes, people say FIFA 17, 18, and 19 are all the same, but still, for me, FIFA 19 is the best FIFA game. The Champions League was finally added to FIFA after more than a decade of high-end games. See the irony here, Messi is my favorite player, yet my favorite FIFA game is the one that features Ronaldo as the cover star.

One more reason why for my liking towards FIFA 19 is it was the first game that I played on my new high-end PC. I used to have a dual-core processor-based PC before that, so it was a big thing.

FIFA 19 Review

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#1 Ranking Top 5 Best FIFA Games Of All Time

Although FIFA 19 is my favorite game, FIFA 21 takes the 1st spot. Why? Because of its career mode features. I have followed football for quite some years now, but I started actively following football in 2020, so it feels really good to play with the new players like Ansu Fati, Pedri, and all in FIFA 21.

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Also, the career mode is just awesome. The variations and the things one can do are limitless. FIFA is finally catching on to the master league, which is the career mode of PES.

FIFA 21 Review

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