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Parasite(2019) - Movie Review


With a smart and intense investigation of human conduct, 'Parasite' is a skillfully made movie that's a positive sure must-watch.


A poor, jobless family plays out a well-laid arrangement to acquire employment for themselves in an affluent family unit, to release a progression of unforeseen events.

Star Cast

Kim Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho)

Kim Ki-woo (Choi Woo-Shik)

Kim Ki-jeong (Park So-dam)

Park Da-hye (Jung ji-so)

Yeon-kyo (Cho Yeo-jeong)

Chung sook (Chang Hyae-jin)

Park Da-song (Jung Hyeong)

Chung sook (Chang Hyae-jin)


Bong Jon-ho

Critic's Rating: 4.5


'Parasite's' inaugural shot of a tiny glass window turning upward from a basement house to the sight on a narrow, winding street sets the visual tone of the film solidly, directly at the beginning. There are many more such shots that figuratively pass on the social and monetary divergence that's the focal theme of this movie.

Particularly the utilization of stairs going up and down confined spaces versus rich, open green yards, delightfully and stylishly spread out fruit slices rather than an awkwardly stacked plate of foodstuff from a local kitchen.

Kim Ki-taek and his family reside in a pokey, underground home and are, for the most part, jobless. At the point when we see them, the family is disconcerted that their admittance to free Wi-Fi has been stopped. Clearly not ready to manage their own, they have been soaking up their neighbor's connection.

Actually, even as fumigation is conducted on their road, Kim advises his family to leave the windows open so tha