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Most Beautiful, Visited Places of the World

There are many stunning places on the earth even we could not include them all in just one list. Beauty, nature, culture and many things of countries attract tourists towards itself. There are many exciting and beautiful places that you can visit on your next vacation. Here is a list of the most visited, most stunning, and attractive places on earth to make your vacation planning a little easier.

Beautiful fall surrounded by trees an with mountains in background


colorful buildings from France with a tower an a bridge

France has been the world's No.1 destination for international tourists. It is a country located in Western Europe. It is the world's most visited place that attracts visitors towards its beauty. Every year millions of people visit this country because it combined history, food and French culture. About 90 million people have visited this beautiful place the previous year.

Many reasons make France the most touristic country worldwide, like the city's romantic images, Louver museum. Many worth seeing places like the stunning Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, Theme park, Notre Dame's cathedral, and many others are there in France. It must be is on top of your tour list.


boat flowing on a crystal clean water in the south of Spain

Spain is No.2 World's most visited place. Spain is a dream-level destination for people. With a sunny climate and colorful culture, it attracts tourists. About 83 million people visited this beautiful place in 2019. Many places in Spain spend a fantastic holiday like:

- Pueblos Blancos—a whitewashed, beautiful village of Andalucía;

- Granada- is a culturally rich Spanish City;

- Seville- is one of the most romantic places in Spain;

- Picos de Europa- is Europe's most beautiful mountain.

The most noticeable thing about Spain, which attracts millions of tourists, is its Sunshine. The health care syst