Meet Me In Another Life — Book Review

Author: Catriona Silvey

Genre: Novel

Publisher: HarperCollins' William Morrow

Pages: 320

Price: $21.59

Meet Me In Another Life by Catriona Silvey - Book Review
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About The Author

Catriona Silvey, the author, was born in Glasgow as well as a grown-up in Scotland & England. Subsequent to gathering a nonsensical number of degrees from the colleges of Cambridge, Chicago, plus Edinburgh, she went back to Cambridge, where she resides with her hubby and child. Her short stories have been presented at the Edinburgh International Book Festival also nominated for the Bridport Prize. This is her primary novel.

Book Review

Meet Me in Another Life, published on Apr 27, 2021, by HarperCollins' William Morrow, focuses on a man and lady who should unwind why they keep on gathering in various variants of the real world—a genre-bending, exciting and innovative investigation of the boundless types of adoration and how decisions can make a huge difference. Thora & Santi are aliens in an unfamiliar city whenever a possible encounter interweaves their destinies.

Immediately, they perceive in one another a close friend—somebody who shares their voracious interest, who is aching for more in life than the cards they've been managed. On the other hand, this is just one of the numerous associations they share. Just days after the fact, however, a disastrous mishap stopped their story.

Like satellites caught in a circle around one another, Thora and Santi are bound to meet once more: as an instructor and genius student; a guardian and dying patient; a critic and an adherent. In various lives, they become companions, associates, lovers, and foes.

Yet, as obscured recollections and odd patterns compound, Thora & Santi go to a stunning disclosure—they should find the reality of their puzzling connection before their numerous lives arrive at one, ultimate end.

Catriona's tremendous novel is stimulating, remarkable, and uncontrollably true to life; it consistently merges an ageless romantic tale, thriller & sci-fi story. Catriona's characters are delightfully investigated and profoundly intricate — their rebirths at times verging on the untouchable — that the result of their self-disclosure feels real and acquired.

I'm genuine; you're genuine. Also, genuine folks don't perish and return, renewed into 100 forms of themselves.

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Critic’s Views


Amazing, what an intriguing book! I cherished the novel interpretation of time travel and substitute decisions. It was extremely provocative, with superb character dynamics. I totally adore and get so associated with books that don't exactly fit into a specific class. This book mixes such countless kinds into one story that it turns out to be particularly fun anonymity to plunge straight into!

While Silvey is a fresh author to me, I'll absolutely be looking out for her now!

As somebody who peruses at any rate 10 books each month, I'm perpetually looking for ‘that book’ that gives something somewhat unique and erratic. This narrative and the author’s capacity to make a mind-boggling layered world structure made it precisely the thing I was looking for!


Innovative, intense, and astonishing — from where the novel begins, I might have never envisioned where it closes. En route, the narrative of Thora & Santi works in anticipation and emotion, uncovering itself page by page, layer by layer. Cunningly built and exceptionally engaging.


This is such a book that challenges depiction. I thought I understood what it was about however was thoroughly off-base. The reason is one that has been utilized before those two individuals continued to meet in various lives.

The various lives are thoroughly examined, and as the story advances, increasingly more open about both of them. The tale keeps you going completely through until the last pages. It entirely absorbed me from the initial to the final page, and it is a book I will recall for seemingly forever. A must-read book!

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