Lockdown - Music Picks

The previous summer, Koffee's ‘Toast’ was the hit tune you were unable to escape anyplace. Yet, even quarantine couldn't prevent her from adding somewhat more light and inspiration to a fairly dull year. Koffee bundles the entirety of our present contemplations regarding quarantine in ‘Lockdown’ by posing the desired inquiries: ‘Where will we go? When di quarantines ting done and everybody touch road?’

With her new track, ‘Lockdown,’ Koffee drops the song at an ideal time. On the most recent track, the recording artist becomes well known as she conveys an amazing performance. While immaculate music creation gives a solid persuading power to the song, a definitive mystery to the melody's wild achievement is how Koffee offers new life to the verses. ‘Lockdown;’ is currently gushing across the globe.

The dynamic visual highlights the Jamaica-native holding tight the island with her companions. The 2020 lockdown converted into the most perfect and least difficult love tune. The force, warmth's & truthfulness in her voice are one out of many. What a late spring jam, what a snare, and what an outro in only 3 minutes. Tempting.