Is Music Addiction different from drugs addiction? Music Addiction Disorder?

Music Addiction Disorder? If you frequently chat with people, you will hear them saying things like, "music is my hobbit, music is my life, I can't spend a day without listening to music."

If this is the case, then that means music is an addiction for these people because they can't live without it. But have you ever bordered to know if this addiction is in any way different from drugs addiction?

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Is Music Addiction bad?

In order for us to better understand if this addiction differs from drugs addiction, we have to first for all know what an addiction is all about.

According to the treatment home center, addiction is "the act of engaging into a pleasurable act that can't be stopped even if detrimental. " meaning that, for an act to be considered addictive, it needs to be "pleasurable and can't be stopped even if detrimental."

Addictive's always had one thing in common, which is dopamine (the happy hormone)

Dopamine, or the happy hormone, is a substance released by the brain's ventral tegmental area (VTA) whenever we do something enjoyable like eating a nice meal or having sex.

How to Quit Music Addiction?

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Drugs like cocaine or cannabis turn to be more addictive than eating a nice meal or having sex because the amount of happy hormones released when consuming such a substance is much higher than the number of happy hormones released when we do something enjoyable. The brain starts depending on the VTA (ventral tegmental area of the brain) and turns it into an addiction.

What is the addiction to music called?

The Addiction to Music is called Music Addiction Disorder

McGill University researched to understand if the factor that causes drugs addiction (high dopamine) is also the cause of music addiction.

From the research, scientists discovered an increase in dopamine whenever someone listened to a piece of pleasurable and anticipated music.

From this research, we can conclude that music addiction is caused by the same factor that causes drugs addiction: high dopamine and turns to explain why some people can't spend a day without listening to music.

Are You Addicted to Music?

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What is the best method to know if you are addicted to music?

While there is no clear answer, we can consider the following things:

  • How can you change the behavior?

  • Is it a problem in your everyday life?

  • Are you unable to quit despite the negative consequences?

  • Are you more dependent on the behavior over time? Do you feel withdrawn when you stop engaging in it?

The real question is: Does music have a negative effect on your mood?

These are more specific indicators that you might want to pay closer attention to your music habits.

Music is an excellent tool for managing emotions. Music can express an almost limitless range of emotions.

It is often used to cope with stress and anxiety. People report feeling more motivated and happier after listening to energizing songs. You may be able to express your emotions and gain deeper insight by listening to energizing music.

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It won't get at the root of your distress.

Remember that music that matches your mood can make it worse or better. Sometimes, this can be helpful.

For example, sad songs about ending a relationship can help you process your emotions after a romantic loss. They can also prolong your sadness or grief by having the opposite effect.

  • Without music, you can't function.

Music can make complex or unpleasant tasks easier. When you're feeling stressed, you might turn on the radio to make it more bearable.

HTML music is not appropriate for all situations.

It's not a good idea to listen to music in private during lectures at

school, meetings at work, or when someone is trying to have a serious

discussion with you.

It may be worth looking into why you are feeling anxious or unable to function without music.

  • Music can distract you from important tasks.

It is pretty common to lose track of time while listening to music, to get lost in a song or two. However, it can be a problem if you are unable or unwilling to take care of your responsibilities.

Perhaps you wait for the 6-minute solo guitar to end before you go to pick up your partner from work. You might get so caught up in your thoughts that you forget to make the dinner you promised.

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How can I treat my music addiction?

You don't have the right to stop listening to music. You might instead choose certain times or activities where you can avoid music.

Start cutting back on listening if you have identified areas where you are

having trouble listening in class or at work, when you should be

focusing on customers.

If music is something you enjoy listening to almost every day, you might consider a time where you can go without.

You can listen to your workout music, but you should give your iPod a rest when you go on a walk. Instead, keep your ears open to the sounds of nature.

Combine your listening with other activities

You're not the only one who loves music. Every day, people use music to entertain, learn facts, exercise, or drift off to sleep. Music plays an indispensable role in many people's cultures and identities.

There's not much to fault with these effects. However, some people question whether they can enjoy music too much.

The short answer is that experts don't officially recognize music addiction as a mental illness. However, music habits can sometimes be problematic.

Is music addiction terrible?

Experts do not recognize music addiction to be a diagnosis of mental illness. However, music addiction can sometimes be problematic.

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