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iPhone 13: The New era Of iPhones

The most awaited phone of the year is nearing its release; the iPhone 13 or 12s, or whatever its name will be, is speculated to be launched in mid-September this year.

iPhones are kind of getting boring lately because of the similar designs, and the new device will have a similar design as the iPhone 12.

Image source: CNET

Now, let’s talk about the interesting matters. While the new device might not get a major change visually, some other features like the famous big iPhone notch and the display will get some major changes. Let’s call the new device the iPhone 13 to make it easier to read.

Here's a list of the improved features.

Always-on 120Hz Display

A report from Macotakara supply suggests that the new models will have similar overall dynamics, so from that, we can assume the displays of the new models would be:

  1. One 2021 iPhone model with a 5.4-inch OLED display

  2. One 2021 iPhone model with a 6.7-inch OLED display

  3. Two 2021 iPhone models with a 6.1-inch OLED displays

Although the screen sizes will most probably remain the same, the major change in the display will be the introduction of 120Hz ProMotion display technology.

It is also reported that the iPhone 13 will adopt the LTPO – or low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display to lower power consumption and thus securing proper functioning of the 120Hz display.

Smaller notch

Yes, the iPhones seem premium, but the only thing that hassles the look is the big notch cut out. It was good for the iPhone 10, but in the later models, Apple should have reduced the size of the pre-historic notch.