How To Lose Weight By Running

Working out is so hard, right? I mean, who wants to lift weights and do cardio when you can sit on the couch and watch Netflix?

In the present day, fitness and good health is the top priority for most people, and one CANNOT achieve that by sitting a relaxing all day. So, listen to some motivational videos on Youtube and start working out.

But, how to start?

Let me help you with that. The answer is running.

Running is a trendy way to exercise. It also has a lot of health benefits and helps to lose weight quickly.

This article will tell you how to start shredding some pounds by running.


Advantages of Running

Running is the best form of cardio one can adapt to lose weight. Research showed that if one runs for a mile every day, they can lose up to 2 pounds( 0.9 kg ) a week! Just the thought of it got me started running.

Enough about me, let's have a look at the advantages -

  • Moderate-to-High intensity running targets harmful belly fat

  • High-Intensity cunning continues to burn calories after exercise

  • High-Intensity running suppresses appetite and helps you eat less

  • High-Intensity running continues to burn calories after exercise

Belly Fat

The worst of all kinds of body fat is belly fat. Belly fat can cause heart disease and diabetes.

On top of that, belly fat looks bad and is equally bad for one's health too. Running every day for even 15 minutes can reduce belly fat without even messing with the diet.

Some studies with 852 participants found out that some cardio is the best way to reduce belly fat without changing the diet.

Fact: Walking is better than running is a big fat myth.

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The Next Level

If you have developed an interest in running then, let's talk about the next steps. Let's say you have been running for one week and don't see many results.

Here's what to do, DO NOT STOP.

People are impatient. I mean, Rome wasn't built in one day, right? Similarly, your body needs time to adjust to the changes and adapt to the new way.

If you want to shred even faster, then here's what you can do-

Follow a Low-Calorie Diet

There are several cases where people lost weight just by dieting. Angus Barbieri fasted for a year when he was 27 and lost over 270 pounds(125 kg)! Now, I am not asking you too fast for a year. This example was just to show how dieting can reduce weight.

You can sync your daily workout with your new diet to get better results. As you know already, running suppresses appetite and helps you eat less. Use this and try to stay away from junk food, oil-rich food, and salt.

Do 30 Mins Intense Workout After Running

After you are done with your morning running, take a 10 mins break and do some workouts. You don't need to go to the gym. You can do it at your house.

Workout tips-

  • Start with some stretching.

  • Followed by some lunges and squats.

  • Then, go for push-ups and burpees.

  • Finally, do some crunches and other abs-based workouts.

Do two sets if possible.

Final Verdict of Losing Weight By Running

Don't be lazy while you can be the best. So, get up and get going. Don't do all these just for the sake of competing with others.

If you want competition, compete with yourself. Then, every day you will get better.

So be an action taker, and start today. ( Man, I sound like an Affiliate Marketer)

Take care, bye.

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