The reasons for buying and using electric cars and EV chargers are many - they are eco-friendly, cause no pollution, and have a low carbon footprint. It is also inexpensive - which is a big advantage over the traditional fuel-based vehicles and their fueling stations - whether it be petrol, diesel, Compressed Natural Gas, etc. Thus electric vehicles and electric chargers are gaining popularity, and a number of electric vehicle companies and EV charger companies are being created to meet these demands.

However, not all these EV charger companies are the same, and a lot of people may be concerned about the problems and quality of chargers. There is no need to worry - one just has to be careful of certain factors while buying.

To make the decision easy on the reader, the following are five tips to buy EV chargers for vehicles in India:

  1. The reader should first decide what kind of charger they want - AC or DC.

  2. The reader should also consider their vehicle.

  3. The reader should also consider the Level of charger they need.

This article is going to discuss these tips in detail.

  1. The reader should first decide what kind of charger they want - AC or DC.

The first tip for buying EV chargers is deciding what kind of charger one wants to go with. There are two options - AC chargers or DC Chargers. DC chargers or Direct Current Chargers are bulkier and faster than the two types of chargers. Compared to them, AC chargers or Alternating Current are far more compact and just a little slower in charge. Thus it makes sense to ask oneself whether one is short on time or space When buying a charger.

  1. The reader should also consider their vehicle.

If one's vehicle is a hybrid, then one may risk using a charger that takes longer to charge one's vehicle. In case one needs to use the vehicle urgently, and it is not charged yet, one has some option to use it anyway. However, it may be highly inconvenient to buy a slow charger if one has an EV. Electric car charging stations manufacturers manufacture chargers for all kinds of vehicles.,

  1. The reader should also consider the Level of charger they need.

Another important consideration while buying a charger is which Level to go with. There are three levels of such chargers - level 1 chargers, level 2 chargers, and level 3 chargers.

Level 1 chargers are very compact AC chargers. Unfortunately, they take a lot of time to charge the vehicles. They are only recommended for hybrid vehicles.

Level 2 chargers are AC chargers too, but they are faster than level 1 chargers. Generally speaking, they are a good option for personal use. They can be installed at one's home, place of work, etc.

Level 3 chargers are DC chargers. They are super fast when compared to other chargers.

The last word

Some research is enough to convince one that electricity meter manufacturers in India

are doing a great job helping usher forward a greener, better world. Their products leave no reason not to buy Electric vehicles.