Family Trips To Italy: 3 Destinations

The hardest part when planning a family trip to Italy is deciding where to go! The country is a flagship destination full of vacation spots. Are you passionate about winter sports? Then an Alpine resort-like Cortina d'Ampezzo or Cervinia awaits you. Fan of archaeology? Visit Rome, an authentic compendium of ancient culture, or discover Pompeii, the famous city submerged under the lava of Vesuvius.

Art lovers don't miss Florence, Venice, or Verona ... Are you more of the shopaholic type? Find all the latest fashion trends in Milan. Beyond the national culinary delights such as pizzas, pasta, or ice cream, it is necessary to discover the romantic landscapes and the cities vibrant with this beautiful country's history.

And for family holidays with your feet in the water, choose a seaside resort on the Adriatic or Mediterranean coasts. Here is an overview of the five best family trips to Italy to take your children to. Trenitalia is the Italian public railway company that covers the whole of Italy with its Frecciarossa trains. These offer maximum comfort and high-quality services: leather seats, free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, and a dining car offering the best of Italian gastronomy.

1. The Romagna Riviera

The Romagna Riviera mountain going into the sea with a blue sky with few clouds

From Ravenna to Rimini, the Adriatic coast is full of seaside resorts with authentic charm, ideal for spending a holiday in Italy by the sea. Departing from the Italian capital (or northern Italy), a train journey from Around 3 hours will take you from Rome to Rimini via Bologna. The trip from Venice to Rimini takes less than 2 hours.

The Frecciarossa trains ensure the journey and offer maximum comfort: free Wi-Fi leather seats, electrical outlets, and a dining car offering the best of Italian gastronomy. Besides, if you are traveling in Premium class, you will be able to enjoy a welcome drink and a free snack. The Riviera Romagnola will enchant you. First must-see destination: Riccione, south of Rimini. You will discover vast beaches, an aquatic park with thrilling attractions, an aquarium, and clubs offering children many activities.

Discover this charming seaside resort particularly popular with Italian families! On the Riviera Romagnola, the beaches' beauty and cleanliness are matched only by the hotels' comfort or the diversity of the activities on offer. From the rental of deckchairs to the many water sports schools, the whole family will find something to spend a dream holiday.

To vary the pleasures, go to Rimini to visit the Fiabilandia amusement park or the Italia Miniatura, which offers architectural reconstructions, nestled in a wooded park between pools and fountains and children's play areas.

Do not forget the pleasures of the mouth either! Not to mention the trattorias, which serve delicious pizzas or succulent pasta, there are seafood restaurants on the coast recognized among the country's best!

2. The Aosta Valley

Another destination for a European family trip can be the Aosta Valley, located in Italy's northwest. Bordering Suisse and France, the region is noted for its winter sports, and it's here that the famous resort of Courmayeur is located shortly from the city of Aosta. However, the vale is progressively famous for summer vacationers crazy with nature returning to hiking pleasures in the Alpine environment.

We come from everywhere Europe to pay a family vacation in Italy and hike in the Gran Paradiso National Park., located south of the Aosta Valley. Fans of nature don't deprive themselves and are available to notice one amongst the most straightforward preserved natural parks within the Alps! You will find a good varies of activities on-site, from mountain walking to pic campaign dedicated to observing Capra ibex or birds. More athletic relations will relish the mountain biking circuits.

The Aosta vale is additionally famed for its gastronomical specialties! Here, very little food or pizzas, it's the dominion of dumplings and perfumed risottos. They make Fontine, a typical cheese that may be enjoyed as fondue and fits splendidly with polenta, another native specialty made of cornflour.

The valley is straightforward to succeed in by public transport as a daily train affiliation connects the town of Aosta to Turin in around two hours and Milan to Aosta in about four hours. From there, a utility serves all destinations of traveler interest.

3. Florence

Florence (Firenze in Italian) is arguably one of the most visited towns in all of Italy. The City of artwork par excellence conceals world-well-known treasures, along with Michelangelo's David, a statue that may be discovered on the Galleria dell'Accademia museum. To hold close the scope of Italian culture, you need to indeed go to the Uffizi Museum.

This world-well-known group homes superb portions with the aid of using painters along with Botticelli or Leonardo da Vinci; even as at Palazzo Pitti, you may appreciate the masterpieces of the Renaissance, this key length withinside the records of Italian artwork. The Ponte Vecchio, which spans the Arno River, is a marvel in itself. This medieval bridge is a veritable open-air purchasing arcade, bordered these days with the aid of using goldsmiths and jewelers' shops.

Lovers of vintage stones do now no longer omit to go to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and its high-quality Dome. The flooring protected with mosaics is impressive; however, it's far with the aid of using searching up that you'll find out the remarkable and majestic sixteenth-century fresco committed to the Last Judgment. The Dome may be visited! Climb it as an own circle of relatives and collectively revel in a first-rate view of the metropolis and the encircling Tuscan countryside.

Finally, to stop your discovery of nearby wonders, how approximately an introductory path in Tuscan cuisine? It is pretty feasible to dedicate a morning, even an afternoon, or to an apprenticeship to let you recreate yourself many scrumptious Italian culinary specialties with the intention to wow your visitors while you go back home. Not to say that you may be capable of taking benefit of your circle of relatives excursion to inventory up on nearby products and collectively concoct food with particular flavors.

Getting there may be easy. Without difficulty, attain Frecciarossa Florence with the aid of using education from Milan or northern Italy's towns (in only 2 hours), however also from entire European cities. For a completely new and exciting experience, pick out a Thello nighttime travel from Paris to Florence.


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