Exile - Music Picks

Taylor Swift's ‘Exile’ is a dominant, appalling ditty that seamlessly shows the passionate effect and authenticity of the music. It additionally impeccably exhibits the artistic brilliancy of Taylor Swift, Justin Vernon, and the whole composition/creation group.

It’s the 4th track on Folklore (2020), which is Swift's 8th studio album, and was released on Jul 24, 2020, by Republic Records. The melody was composed by Joe Alwyn (under the alias William Bowery), Swift also Justin Vernon, and created by Aaron Dessner. It was tuned to US elective radio broadcasts on Aug 3, 2020.

All tracks of Folklore were conceptualized by Swift as symbolism and visuals from her profound inner mind, an aftereffect of her creative mind ‘going crazy’ while segregating herself during the COVID-19 pandemic; ‘Exile’ emerged from one such symbolism—an exiled man, who is ‘strolling the feigns of a land that is not his own, speculating how everything went so awfully, horrendously off-base’. Upon release, the melody included a songwriting credit from William Bowery, who had no online existence, and consequently, was alleged to be a pen name.