Cool Off - Music Picks

Missy Elliott is back with a different fresh music video. On this occasion, she has a video for the ICONOLOGY EP song ‘Cool Off,’ a neon-touched twerk-fest backdrop in a museum that portraits Missy herself as a tanned work of art.

Elliott commences the visual as a sculpture plunged in bronze — comprising metallic face paint — as her ballerinas strike rigid postures behind her prior to hopping off of their separate platform and transforming the museum into a dance floor, afore recording artist Teyana Taylor shows up to finish off the video's narrative.

The video ‘Cool Off’ is the most recent in Elliott's hearty, amazing arrangement of outwardly staggering music recordings, which eventually prompted her triumphant the 2019 MTV VMAs Video Vanguard Award the previous summer, the ceremony for which included the entertainer fueling through a variety of past hits (featured by a gathering with artist & actress Alyson Stoner, who rose to conspicuousness as a kid entertainer in 2002's ‘Work It’ video).