Check Out The Napa Valley in your California Vacation

 California is generally associated with gorgeous beaches, the upper class, and the glitter and glamour surrounding the movie world. Still, there's another side to this beautiful state, a gentler, more natural side. The Napa Valley is within easy driving distance of San Francisco and offers a serene alternative to the city's bustle.

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 Another idea to make your Napa Valley break unforgettable is to take a hot air balloon trip. This breathtaking view of the vineyards in the morning light will be an experience you will not forget and will soon make you forget how early you had to get up!

 Among the enjoyable things to do in the Napa Valley is to take a flight on the Napa Valley Wine Train. As one of the top train flights in the world, you'll take pleasure in a relaxing journey in lovingly restored carriages, all outdated pre-1950. Whether you delight in a romantic night meal in the dining vehicle as you take a trip through the valley's beautiful countryside, or you take the everyday trip that enables a stop at 2 of the local vineyards, this is a local "tourist attraction" that should not be missed out on.

Photo Credit: Image by David Mark from Pixabay

 If you are traveling to California and are a little worried that the consistent barrage of high-energy attractions and crowded stores will be excessive, consider a journey to the Napa Valley. Even if you don't consume wine, you're sure to take pleasure at a slower rate and relax in the location's appeal.

 There are lots of vineyards that you can check out during your stay in the Napa Valley area. A few of them will offer you a trip. Others allow you to taste, yet others have demonstrations, so examine with a regional manual about what is available at each of the vineyards open to the general public, so you understand what to anticipate when you arrive.

Photo Credit: Image by James Young from Pixabay

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