Promised Land - Book Review

Author: Barack Obama

Genre: Memoir

Publisher: Viking

Pages: 768

Price: $20.37

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Book Review

A Promised Land is Ex-US President Barack Obama's presidential memoir, as well as a comprehensive account of his decisions.

Obama is amongst the most prevalent leaders in the modern era and no alien to the pen. He has composed one memoir before. 'Titled Dreams from my Father' book is regarding his years in Chicago & Hawaii all the way to his admission into law school in 1988.

This one begins with a summary of his initial years and then opens up a thorough overview of his political career. He truthfully elucidates how he was determined to stand for his primary election and how he succeeded. He sums up each one of his elections and employment thereafter with uniform candor.

The more significant part of the book concerns his presidency. However, the sheer extent of the book is frightening; it's due to the book isn't merely the narrative of what he did as well as why he did it, nonetheless a clarification of what he deems in and how he strived to apply it to attain what he wishes best.

He likewise presents the context, which can be both dull or captivating, contingent upon what the reader is keen on; however, it can be essential for those not knowledgeable in global or even American legislative issues.

One of the fundamental motives the book is thick anyway is that he did a great deal during his administration and didn't avoid discussing any of it.

The most pleasing thing concerning the book is how thoughtful and humble it is. Obama exhibits he's very mindful of his blemishes just as he speaks the truth about his aptitudes. His steady craving to enhance is inspirational, along with his capacity to keep a clear mind.

The book is point by point yet enthralling, and perception into the mind & heart of a rational and kind individual.

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Critic's Views


Seven hundred one pages of the richly composed story, contemplation, and self-analysis, in which he frequently tunnels down into his own inspirations…

A Promised Land conveys the essential assumptions plentifully for political, personal biographies, giving a granular view of power's steering position. There are additionally the satisfying subtleties seen in snapshots of historical import.

An enormously clever, accomplished chap. Obama arises as kind to his team, dedicated to his kids, and totally enamored with his spouse.


An uncommonly creative, talented person, Obama appears as caring to his staff, fervent to his kids, and unquestionably infatuated with his better half.


Barack Obama is excellent as an author. It isn't just that this book tries not to be heavy, as may be expected, even pardoned, of a robust memoir, however, that it's almost consistently congenial to read, sentence by sentence, the style perfect in places, the detail granular and distinctive Barack Obama has enlightened a crucial time in American history.

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