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What’s For Barca In 2021-22?

The world-famous football, or so called, in USA and Canada, soccer team Football Club Barcelona has managed to sign three new players and is rumored to sign two more players despite being in a mess.

The previous president, Joseph Maria Bartomeu, resigned or was forced out of the club due to his bad decision-making and many other things, leaving behind a $1 billion debt for the club to clear. And then stepped in Joan Laporta, the president under whom Barca had their greatest spell.

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With Joan Laporta came positive vibes, and the club seemed lively again. He arrived in the middle of the 2020-21 season and did some sort of magic as Barca rose through 19 games without a loss.

However, the season ended in an unexpected manner as Barca dropped eight points in their last 6 games. If they had secured these points, they would have won the La Liga title. They did manage to win the Copa Del Rey by beating Athletico Bilbao by four goals to two. Statistics-wise, Barca had a better season than 2019-20, in which they won nothing. Still winning only one title, that being CDL, won’t satisfy a team like Barca.

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So thus, the question stands, what’s for the next season?

Well, here’s what...

The Squad Overhaul

Barca has managed to sign 3 players so far and is looking to sign two more, being a defender and Memphis Depay. But Barca is in debt, right? Well, it’s just the Barca way. Joan Laporta, the president, signed two free agents, Sergio Aguero and Eric Garcia, and Emerson Royal from Betis. So, let's access the transfers one by one.