Back Door

The contemporary jump out of Korea is practically difficult to group today. ‘Back Door,’ from Stray Kids, is a great representation: there's not a solitary melodic style; it doesn't abundantly co-pick, in a crafty Frankenstein that is however infectious as it seems to be unpredictable.

There are emotional airhorns, smooth R&B breaks, jazz intermezzos, and an electronic beats trap chorus that would exasperate festival groups & others bound to be found in underground clubs. It's tricky not to get enchanted by the melody's sheer grandiosity—both in its multifaceted creation and the brazen energy of the eight entertainers.

Stray Kids, who appeared only three years back, are the most recent demonstration ready to break out in an undeniably globalized and freewheeling pop sector, one that South Korea specifically has been enthusiastically spearheading. That ‘Back Door’ starts and finishes on a nervy note in English—’Hello, you wanna come in?’— Just drives home its ability to invite everybody into the crease.