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A MAN CALLED OVE - Book Review

Author: Fredrik Backman

Genre: Novel

Publisher: Washington Square Press

Pages: 337

Price: $14.49

A MAN CALLED OVE - Book Review


Fredrik Backman is a Swedish columnist & blogger whose character Ove first sprung up in the writer's blog. After more than 1000 of Backman's readers cast a ballot, he ‘composes a novel ‘about him, A Man Called Ove was the outcome.

‘What did they think about awakening on a Tuesday and done having an intention?’ is an inquiry Ove poses to himself, when following 40 years of marriage, he gets himself jobless and alone. It's been his significant other, Sonja, who's constantly been simply the cushion and the world.

But then again, would you be able to fault him? Rather than the request and consistency he desires, what Ove sees around him is: ‘A shed-heap of men with expounding whiskers, changing positions and changing spouses and changing their vehicle makes. Very much like that. At whatever point they feel like it.’

Ove has extremely unmistakable, maybe unbending convictions spot on and wrong, too, whether it's the appropriate method to make espresso or the brand of a vehicle to possess (just a Saab). Ove sees the world dressed in dark or white while his significant other was ‘shading.’

The creator has made a conceivable ‘voice’ for his curmudgeonly principal character and the focal point through which such a man may assess the world.

I was astonished to find Backman is just 33. He is a self portrayed school nonconformist’ who says he based Ove's personality on a contention he had with his own dad. We're told Ove is 59; he would have been more reasonable for me as a more seasoned man.

We experience metropolitan Swedish life in this novel, where knowing your neighbor and having a local area is esteemed yet where migration and changing convictions and qualities

are changing the scene.