A Good Marriage — Book Review

Author: Kimberly McCreight

Genre: Novel

Publisher: Harper

Pages: 398

Price: $13.57

A Good Marriage By Kimberly McCreight - Book Review - Book Cover

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About The Author

Kimberly McCreight is the New York Times blockbusting author of Reconstructing Amelia, which was selected for the Anthony, Edgar, and Alex Awards; Where They Discovered Her; and The Outliers young adult trilogy. She went to Vassar College & graduated cum laude from the Law School-University Of Pennsylvania. She resides in Brooklyn with her better half & two girls.

Book Review

A middle-class criminal defense lawyer assumes the instance of a multimillionaire blamed for the merciless homicide of his better half in McCreight's new thriller. It's just been a couple of months since Lizzie Kitsakis join up the eminent New York law office Young & Crane. It's not her fantasy work, but rather her significant other Sam's intoxication has placed them in a tricky monetary position, and she can't stand to be fastidious.

At the point when her school companion Zach Grayson, presently a multimillionaire, calls her from Rikers, he discloses to her, he's the primary suspect in the horrifying homicide of his significant other, Amanda, and is being hung on an attack accused of no bail while anticipating arraignment.

He needs Lizzie, and nobody else, to stand for him, and she's shocked when her manager advises her to accept the case. Lizzie supposes Zach is guiltless, and apparently, Amanda was a dedicated spouse and a magnificent mother to their child, Case, who is gone at camp. Nobody can think about a thought process in her murder.

On the other hand, the events paving the way to the case are feed for a tattle fixated press: Zach & Amanda purportedly went to a gathering the evening of her demise, at which parents of pupils from the upscale Brooklyn Country Day school let free while the children were away at different summer exercises.

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The entertainer even urged couples to utilize her upstairs rooms for a touch of partner-swapping. In the interim, somebody has hacked into the records of Brooklyn Country Day families, dig out dirt, and threatened blackmail. At that point, Lizzie finds Amanda's diaries, and it turns out to be evident that her life & marriage may have been hazier and more unpredictable than they showed up.

Lizzie distinguishes somewhat about keeping secrets, and as she draws nearer to reality, she contemplates whether Zach probably won't be so blameless in spite of everything. McCreight's law qualifications loan validness to the lawful procedures and to Lizzie's high-stakes tango with an imposing right-hand lead prosecutor anxious to take care of her.

Lizzie's story substitutes with one that subtleties Amanda's movements for a couple of days prior to her homicide, and McCreight skillfully weaves numerous plot strings with a number of sly red herrings, led the way of astonishing, and fulfilling, reveals.

An insightfully plotted and by and large fruitful association of lawful thriller as well as domestic suspense.

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Critic’s Views


Loaded up with affectionate urges, profound revelations along with sharp insights, Kimberly’s freshest novel is a wonder—both a compelling enigma and an insightful investigation of affection and marriage.


McCreight is an expert of maladministration —regardless of whether you've effectively perused a great deal of domestic thrillers, you'll be stunned by her stunning turns. As Lizzie edges nearer to the reality of what occurred in that posh brownstone, her own battles add additional profundity to the tale. Clear a spot close to Big Little Lies & The Couple Next Door—A Good Marriage is comparably jittery and just as good.


Skillfully mixes domestic drama with a grasping murder mystery. Loaded up with trustworthy unexpected developments & sensibly imperfect characters, McCreight's page-turner pushes readers to address all that they think makes a ‘good’ marriage. This will remain with the readers long after the ending.

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